Sunday, June 22, 2008

So....Everything was decided, train tickets were booked, Hotel rooms were booked, A tempo traveller was ready for us ova der. Everything went well. Myself, Arun, Joe and Brendon left from bessy in an auto to central. The train was scheduled for 7.15pm departure from central. We all had some snacks or somethin to eat and boarded the train.
Asusual it was fun in the train..We played cards, shared foods, ate whatever we cud find in the stations. We collected RS.500 from each person for the FOOD....As the food comes under common money..hehe....there were no limits. We got down @ agra somewhere in the early morning around 6 and a car was arranged for us to go to the hotel.

The hotel we stayed till 9 am was Deluxe plaza.I must say what happened in the hotel...Myself and antony were just roaming and were having a view of Tajmahal from the Hotel. Suddenly Antony told me " AKBAR has built TajMahal very well". Even the hotel manager got fcked up with Antony's knowledge and began to curse him....hehe.. Really he was the livewire of the gang as always...'Provoking and pulling the legs of others. Myself, X, Deepak and Arun were used to this but the new guys Balaji , praveen etc....felt a lot with Antony.

Now its the tym to roam around.....First stop was the Akbar Tomb. Approm enna...Full pics' dhan. We clicked pics as much as possible. The place was really gud..Not really my taste to see such kinda places but it was very neat and gud.We spent some time in the park there and left from there.

Our next stop was Agra fort. This was a boring place to go and we just roamed around and were jus looking the scenaries ;) (I din mean the girls....u know me rite??). then nothin to tell here about the Agra Fort...U can jus google around...hehe...There was a gud view of the TAJ from the fort.

Nxt and final Stop was the TAJ MAHAL......I always wanted to visit this place and got a chance only now. It was a very hot summer but the Marble wonder kept us very cool inside. Jus suthified all the places inside it and rested for an hour or so in the MEGA BALCONY of the TAJ.
We had a superb chat there...Heres the video........(Our own version of PC.SRIRAM (Puna) was the camera man).

Catch the audio and the talk in the wil be fun..If u know us well...Enjoii the video....My voice wud be odd coz...i had Throat infection ...hehe

After whiling away time @ the TAJ. We had a 7pm train to catch for Delhi and We reached Delhi @ around 10pm.

Heres the pics from Balaji cam uploaded in WEBSHOTS..

Image hosted by
by sreebalaji_88


***SOMEONE was leaking DANGEROUS gases in the train and no one was able to find out who the culprit was.........But all the eyes were on X.

* Pongal alais Kishore was @ his usual HYGIENIC best. Got Roti for 2 days from home and his health levels were fluctuating then and there.

* Antony with his usual stint ......irritating, kalachifyin others...This time it was BALAJI...

* X did not open his mouth much...coz..he knew wat wud be the outcome.

* From the start, Balaji was falling into Antony's mouth...Got lots of kalachifying from him...

* Our Sappi Dog (Brendon) was asusual eating from others' plates.

* Praveen was our only source of Hindi...Cud hav got fucked without him.

* Arun was showin his face in 99/100 pics we took there....And was a tough competitor to Sappi Dog.

* Karthi ..Our new LOVER BOY...Was all sending SMS and flirting

* Joe was combining with Kiss'whore ..Half the time they talk somethin in TElugu....and Most importantly..They were the MODEL photographers...I wil share those pics later........

* Meow was fully photographing ....He din talk much...(We din know that his best was YET TO COME). Wil tel u about HIS BEST in the later parts...Thats it for Part 2...


Girish Mahadevan said...

yenna du idu!!!!!
full camera la figure o figure...
TAJ ulla lan camera allowed na epdiya ;-P, I thought I'd c some agra scenic beauty...pavon da, antha tourist lan!!!
nice post da, but webshots la unnu paka mudila & video took almost 5min 2 buffer...semma pariya video, quality avlova nalla illa...should have taken from a nice digi-cam..[;)]

Prashanth Nagaraj said...

We missed ur 10MP cam very much da..... ;)

Dewang Arora said...

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