Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Its been a long time since i blogged. It was mainly because i was lazy and was engaged in thinking wen to start writing blog again ;)

Lemme start it again by givin my CAMPUS INTERVIEW EXPERIENCES...May be it wil help u guYS as well!!!!!!!!

First of all..It will be about my Preparations..........

It was one hell of a preparation for the campus interviews ..As we were very much desperate to get into any one of the top 3 comin to our college...(ie) CTS, WIPRO and HCL. CTS was scheduled to come on June 19th 2007 which happens to be my Birth day. I was pretty sure that LADY LUCK will shine on me also since it was my b'day. But no speaking of luck until u study hard for the aptitude.
5 of us (kosu,me,karthi,kishore and riyaz ) joined hands to prepare for the aptitude and Interview. We gathered in Kottivakkam to prepare for it @ the 1st week of may. No one thought that it was too early to prepare coz. we were in lot of pressure from our parents and surroundings...Each and evry1 of us.

So enough of all the build-up. We started it atlast. Kishore got us a 4gb data dvd for the preparation of apps and interview. The size of it scares u rite???? Even we were scared. So we dint even touch it. We really started studying from RS AGARWAL's APTITUDE which is considered by me as the bible for INDIAN CAMPUS APTITUDES. We did not study much at the early days but it was satisfactionary. Later on we did it with increasing rate. [ I still remember myself and kishore studyin "How to attend Interviews" from that 4gb DVD. That was the only thing we studied from that.]
We studied more than what we studid for 3 years in college.

Now Lets get into ACTION....FIRST IT WAS CTS on June 19th, 2007.

It was my birthday this day. And i was pretty sure about that LADY LUCK i was talking about earlier. The aptitude test took place that day. And i did it well. While announcing the Aptitude results , I got lil bit tensed as i was the last one to be announced from my class.
Next day was the interview. It was the first time ever im attending an interview of any kind. So i was very tensed. Having prepared well for all the technical stuffs i was pretty surprised that it was all HR . No technical question was asked. The interviewer was an old man. I answered him pretty well and i was sure that i would go the distance.The results were to be announced the next day. But really i was not that much tensed that day coz i thought i wud get selected for sure.
But the LADY LUCK showed her FOOT to me. We went to the EVENING SHOW "SIVAJI " to forget the failure. THAT WAS COOL!!!!!!!!!! SHRIYA SARAN WAS MY ONLY CONSOLATION...hehe

Besides all these i was able to point out some mistakes i did over there which might spoiled my chances.


* Never ever tell or speak about anything which you do not know in detail. Draw a boundary and keep the speech simple and effective. Never get into his hands and don provoke him to cross question you.
* Most of all Prepare as hard as you can for the Aptitude tests.
* GO through the sample questions and the pattern given in the web.Do not deviate from that. * Prepare for the companies one by one.
* Keep urself as cool as possible. Don let urself down with one failure and think that there is always chances coming next.

Second one was...... WIPRO on JUNE 23rd, 2007.

We were a lil bit down before goin for WIPRO as our first company got busted. But not that much coz we thought that someone was waiting for us. We stuck to the same pattern for studying aptitude and we cleared it with ease.
Wipro normally has a technical and a HR interview unlike CTS. So it was new to us. I was pretty confident with the technical round. And when my time came asusual i was little bit nervous.
The interviewer asked me questions from C,C++,Data structures,Java, UML, and some HTML as my mini project was about SPAM FILTERING.
I answered all of them and finally after 45 mins of interview the interviewer asked me some questions in MicroProcessor which were not answerable by me. I told him that "I am not well versed with it as far as now and i will study it as soon as possible ".
He then told me that "Your basics are very good ...But better luck next time"

I just left the hall with a lil smile at him.

There were much i learnt from this experience too..

* If u r from CS , Go through all the basics of ur subjects.
* Never hesitate or skip ur core subjects.
* Always answer the interviewer with a lil smile ....Dont overdo it.

Our next stop will be HCL, 29th June, 2007

Havin got my Experiences on my HR and TEchnical round from the previous 2 failures. I prepared only for my HR for HCL (REMEMBER MYSELF AND RAGHUL DOIN THAT) . It had a specific paper for CS students and it was the 1st time HCL made the appi online. It was quite tough but cleared it.

Next stop was HR. Thebround lasted just 10 mins. I was asked simple questions like family,objective,why HCL, adaptability...etc..etc. I answered them well and like before was satisfied with me. We went again to SIVAJI movie as the results were to be announced the nxt day only.
The results were announced the nxt day and i was pretty happy with myself.


* Never hesitate to ask anything.( like water....etc)
* Be bold while ur answering him.
* Collect latest news about the company ur gonna try.

ATlast , LADY LUCK showed her LOVE.. ;)

Hope This helps nyone who reads this.!!!!!!


Girish Mahadevan said...

Machi..finally ur interview han!!
semma explanation da...mainly "what I have learned" part & SIVAJI part lan...[;)]..
good luck..keep posting...tc

ni-v said...

lots to read ;(
sreyaz jixi pixi loox good :D

rinzu said...

u wriet well i mean u can really exprss well...!!!

kp it up.....


Prashanth Nagaraj said...

thnk yaa....

T.h.E. b.L.e.S.s.E.d. O.n.E said...

4gb fulla study materials thana..??? ;)

Prashanth Nagaraj said...


U wanna copy of it dude...??? ;)

suna-pana said...

Placement post la shriya saran.. ellathulayum makkal masala edhirpakkranga illa :P..
Good Pic..

Prashanth Nagaraj said...

Ya exactly....

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