Saturday, June 26, 2010

This month is a very special one. Lemme go one by one.
1. My birthday (19-Jun).
2. The day HCL hired me (29-Jun).
3. The day I joined HCL .... finally!! (16-Jun).
REPORT ZEXPERIENCE.            " Batch program that runs every year @ 12am (16-Jun)
DATA: age(2)       TYPE N,                      " Current Age
            ageww(2)  TYPE N VALUE '22',  " Years Without Work
            exp(2)       TYPE  N.                     " My Experience

exp = (sy-datum(4) - '1987') - ageww.
'4. Job Anniversary No. ', exp.

This is how it has been. I'm no nerd or anything like that. But i get to dream of ABAP lately. [:X]

Everything came into place pretty well after i came to noida. I prayed to get into SAP and i got into SAP domain. I wished i could get into an implementation project and i got into BSNL implementation project.

So how was the year's experience @ Noida????? Here are some points to note.
  • Nice batch mates.
  • Pretty tense training.
  • An Encouraging Mentor.
  • Pretty Work Environment [:P] (Only i know why!!!)
  • Gr8 Team.
  • Good Friends.
Everything seems to be so nice... Don't you think???

This is how the year has been. There were some small upsets and down moments. But they are not that big or worth of mentioning.

Let the happy days roll.....!!!


Vinayak said...

nice post dude
congrats for the job
keep blogging

Girish Mahadevan said...

You dint get all the things da, actually they got you(Too much philosophy ;-)), After all ur the best trainee/guy in the batch (ref: snap in FB)

About the down moments, I feel even they are worth mentioning ;-). Preserve it, learn from it and let us know ;-D

wokay then, Have a good good time
welcome back to blogging ;-)

CRD said...

congos on completing one year in :P

And welcome back to blogging :)


raghavan said...

good compilation dude..

Anonymous said...

i'm new... promise to despatch round more often!

Balaji Ramani said...

you nerdy bugger.. and you tease me...

good going btw.. all the best for years to come..

Anonymous said...

juz went thru yo stuff..