Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Here i would like to describe atleast in brief about the memories of how i went along with my friends. Means the famous things that came out of their mouth or what we used to call them during these days.**[Anyone seeing this can update this post by ur comments]**

1) Muthu Kumar.S

a) Taj Mahal is in Delhi(1st year).
b) Sound engineer(duppu,duppu..5 times) for 5.1 speakers
c) koda kumaru
d) Little Little Super Star(Hes simbhu's machan for real)
e) 82(His first sem marks)
f) Kozhi(His skol name)

2) Antony Vijay.B

a) Vasu(college name)
b) Vasu(skol name)
c) Lover boy(Loves atleast 2 girls per semester).
d) Hes the only man who makes me angry and mad all the time.But i dont keep those in mind.
e) Promises to reduce weight every sem but ends up by some 5 kgs more.
f) His name is the most famous becoz we all used to shout his name for almost everythin happenin in the class.
g) "I am going to buy *SAMSUNG NDTV*"
h) Class rowdy--Kalachifies cholera(asha) and saranya(buss) very well.
i) pusinikai(pumpkin)--He was called like this by gals.
j) Valarrra payyan(Growing boy) >>>(Called by Monesh)
k) Known for his chemistry with manmadhan(Deepauk),Mr.X(Murali) and Vijay Shankar.

3) Murali.V

a) X-Kalan (X-leg)
b) Permission for IV in *INFOCUS* (He meant Infosys actually).
c) His spelling mistakes.
d) Chennai border.
e) His proficiency of routes in chennai.
f) Falls down regularly from bike and even on his feets.
g) Very honest fellow (Accepts wen we r in doubt) wen it comes to natural disasters (ie) Intolerable gas leakages.

4) Deepauk.K

a) Manmadhan(I don wanna tel yo why).
b) Trouser pandi(Till 12th he wore trousers at skol........).
c) Was called Rajnikanth for sometime.
d) His address : Ammandivillai Post Office, Kattaikadu....(Some forest place).
e) Got lost a bit in the 2nd yr.......
f) "Ur's and maria's seminar really rocks...So anyway u are going to thank me.Thank me with a chocolate.How'z is this"....Famous thing written by him.
g) "Its my wish" ---->> Used to say this very often..But not to me....[;)].
h) Gets angry on others for getting teased but never on me. This encourages me to do more..[;)]. i) Again..Known for his chemistry with Antony.
j) He confessed the he loved someone(XXX) to me and Girish........haha.
k) Got himself stuck in btw some gang wars in the hostel.
l) Never raises his voice even to ask *sambar* in the mess hall.Such a polite voice he has.

5) Pradeep.R

a) Otteri nari.
b) Swami Bulbanandha.
c) PPR.(P_e_t_h_ Pradeep R)
d) Maddy(Asks others to call himself)
e) Para gang (Himself and his otteri boys r called..)
f) Omne kutti (His sweet heart).
g) Chandran (Thillu mullu fame)
h) My contract signee.(I wont kalachify him for that..).
i) Collector (IAS).

6) Arun Siddharthan.R

a) Thatha.
b) Mango Street (His residing place).
c) Pattabi (I got a hit frm him for tellin this [;)]).
d) Ommala...Oatha....(His favorite words)
e) He is *commanding* on me.( He actually meant *commenting*)
f) "hutch"........he meant....."H"....
g) His pronounciation mistakes......

**To be continued**


deepauk said...

abt antony i cant forget him in my life....he torchers me like hell....he cant remain silent without teasing me atleast one time a day....every yr he says he will be remain quiet....but its only saying ...but i don hate him...its a part of fun in col...

Girish Mahadevan said...

waiting 4 my turn..[:)]..
dai just edit, if possible...
3.Best thing
4.worst thing
n so on....

i find all pet names and their activities and not many things about them....add the above da...it adds meaning 2 it..